What Readers are Saying about Girl Enlightened

coverAs someone who can empathize with losing a parent, I thoroughly enjoyed every depth of emotion I felt packed into this quick read. Lots of tears were shed, but they were good tears!! Cathartic for sure.The juxtaposition of the before and after moments in each chapter reflects I think how life feels after something big happens, good or bad – there’s life before whatever event it is, and then life after, but they are always deeply intertwined just like the stories in this book. I would highly recommend this book! Now I need to go read it’s precursor:)”

Jamie at amazon.com

cover“When “Girl Enlightened” started with my favorite quote from Zora Neale Hurston, I immediately was reminded that change, growth and acceptance are often measured in unreasonable timeframes- and beating ourselves up over “where we should be” based on others’ opinions serves no purpose. After reading the description, I knew I was in for an introspective read, but I didn’t know I’d be so drawn to the characters. I found myself page-turning for flashbacks with Megan’s Dad, the next Maya encounter, what Physical Therapist Rob would do- for the little details that allowed me to understand her relationships more. Throughout the book, Megan’s self-reflection, chapter introductions, and powerful voice lead the reader through events that test her faith and determination- and reminds us that certainly, life will hand you lemons.

“Girl Enlightened” is a testament to perseverance; appropriate for a wide age range- for anyone who may have experienced or are experiencing a difficult life event, or are interested in another’s perspective on how they were able to put one foot forward- even when moving that foot is incredibly painful. I look forward to reading the ‘prequel’ ‘And Then It Rained.'”

Kristen K. at amazon.com

coverMegan tells a captivating story and lesson I believe all people can learn from, no matter the age. Her ability to share her experience with losing a loved one and working through the grief is powerful. She is very insightful and through her story I believe can help so many others. Her tale is brave, strong, and courageous. I think many people will be able to relate to this book, even if not going through the same situation. Her lesson is broad and far-reaching and she tells it in such a way that the reader can empathize and put themselves in her shoes. Her honesty is refreshing and her words reassuring. Wonderful read!

Kristen V. at amazon.com

coverAll too often grief is depicted as something that presents in clear, stereotypical ways, and that steadily improves with time. As adults, we’re expected to pull ourselves together and move forward – even if we’re still feeling wrecked on the inside. Megan’s exploration of the depth and breadth of ways the loss of her father affected her life is brutally honest. By sharing her struggle with both the emotional and physical manifestations of grief, she validates that each person’s experience of a loss is unique. For teens and young adults experiencing a similar loss, I think reading this book would help them feel less lonely and afraid of the challenges complex grief can present. Reading her story may also help those who have not experienced this type of loss begin to understand what others may go through, for what better way to learn empathy than through reading a person’s story from their perspective?

-Tracy at amazon.com

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