What Readers are Saying…

“Megan Morrison’s debut novel will speak to all students struggling to find themselves and make difficult decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. As a 9th grade teacher, I consistently see young teenagers struggling with many issues Morrison describes in her book. The decision of leaving home for college and what drives a student to succeed are two of the many issues Megan touches on in her book that will speak volumes to high school students struggling to make those same choices. Through meaningful quotes added to her own words, Megan poignantly describes the heartache of a parent disappointing his daughter, the adoration of a role model, and the difficult, but triumphant decision of leaving home to achieve her dreams. Students will relate to the difficult decisions that Megan made in high school. Do you follow the crowd? How hard are you willing to work to attain your dreams? Can you let go of someone you admired, but who let you down? Will the homesickness that comes with starting college ever end? Megan shows students that you can go your own way: make the best choices for yourself and live life to the fullest.”

– Jennifer at amazon.com

“Based on her own life, Megan shows us that we are stronger than we think. Despite the turmoil of her father’s alcoholism, his various bouts with treatment, her parent’s divorce, and losing the one person in her life that she truly admired, this amazing girl goes on to accomplish some incredible feats. It’s her journey to find the strength within herself and become the person, the example to others, that she really wished Maya had been for her.”

– Angela at amazon.com

“I’m not a big fan of memoirs, but this book is so well-written it’s like reading fiction. Megan and I had very different paths in life, so her choices and experiences were not familiar roads for me, making her journey all the more interesting to read. This book, without being preachy, is inspiring, motivational and useful for anyone. While she and I have lived such different lives, her engaging prose and openness of heart made it easy to relate to the core human struggles of fear, loneliness and loss of hope… and to rejoice with her as those were replaced by bravery, camaraderie and excitement about life. I highly recommend this book.”

– Kimberly at amazon.com

“I read “And Then It Rained: Lessons for Life” on my Kindle shortly before Christmas. What with the hectic pace of the Holidays, a person can get overwhelmed and sometimes lose focus on what’s important. Megan Morrison’s story of how she persevered through the emotional ups-and-downs of school, family, and relationships helped remind me to regain my focus and concentrate on what really matters in my life. Now, what matters in a person’s life will obviously differ from one person to the next, but I think anyone who reads “And Then It Rained” will be able to take away some great insights and, hopefully, put them to good use in their own day-to-day struggles.”

– Matthew at amazon.com