This Week…

Well, it’s been a busy and, at times, rough week.  So much so that I was feeling a little down last night, wondering how I’d manage all of the stuff thrown at me in the last few days.  And then this morning, I remembered something about this week. 

Life seemed pretty easy to conquer all of a sudden.

14 years ago tomorrow I walked out of a hospital room convinced I’d never have a more difficult day.  The “worst” that my 13-year-old mind could imagine had happened, and I didn’t know how I’d get through the night, the next few days, and more importantly, the coming months.

But I did.  I made it through, and found that what I’d dreaded for so long wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it would be.  The experience taught me I could persevere, survive any challenges that came my way… least of all my real world workload this week.

It also set the stage for the story of And then it Rained: Lessons for Life.  How?  Well, it turns out that night itself didn’t end up so bad… thanks to the actions of one very influential person.

Have you had experiences you didn’t think you’d survive?  How’d you get through them?  What did you learn from them?


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