Song lyrics of the day

Ok, I’m going to admit it right now: I like Justin Bieber.  Not in the “I’m an 11-year-old girl and have our wedding planned out” kind of way, but the kid’s talented (if you don’t think so, watch the movie, it’s undeniable).  His songs are good, and there are even a few lyrics that have meaning to them, like my favorite ones in: Down to Earth.

It’s always sad when I hear a song that could sum up my story in less than 20 words.  Does that mean my 80,000-page manuscript is overkill?  Probably not, but this refrain sure contains a similar message: 

“So we fight… through the hurt… and we cry and cry and cry and cry. Then we live… and we learn… and we try and try and try and try.” 

Kind of deep, right?  It’s exactly what I’ve had to do, and what we all have to do at some point in our lives – go through the pain, cry our eyes out, and then try to learn from it.  We live… make mistakes… and move on with the understanding that those trials and tribulations are lessons for the future.

Such simple words, and yet every time I hear them, I’m inspired. 

If you want to hear the rest of the song, which I highly recommend, you can listen here:

What are songs that inspire you?  I’ve got plenty more, and will keep them coming in future posts – I promise most aren’t by teen pop stars :).


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