My Mission – how the “Rain” fits in.

So, before I get too far into this venture, I thought I’d take a step back and explain my mission with the publishing of And then it Rained: Lessons for Life.  As you might have guessed if you’ve been poking around this website, it’s much bigger than simply publishing a book.

I won’t keep the proceeds.  Not a penny of them.  Putting this book on the market is not about me finding a career — though I’m really enjoying this writing thing.  It’s about doing everything I can to help young people find themselves.

I want to help young people experience what I did in following a dream.  Are there other dreams besides college?  Absolutely.  I’ve got plenty more of my own.  Yet the experience I had at my “dream school” compels me to focus there.  A college is not only a place to dream of, like I did for those seemingly endless months of high school.  It’s also a place to dream: a place to define yourself, escape those school year classifications of “jock, nerd, cheerleader, band geek” and figure out what’s really at the core.  Even if you leave not knowing what you want to be, I believe there’s no better place to learn who you are… and that’s the most important thing.

You may be thinking “I’ve already been to college…” or, “I didn’t go, but I’m past that point in my life and can’t go back.”  Don’t fear, And then it Rained: Lessons for Life still has lots to offer.  After all, the book isn’t called lessons for “college,” and the story… well, there’s a bit more to it.  But the bigger mission the book is a part of is to help people get to college.  It’s my passion, and when you read the book, you’ll understand why.

What’s your passion?  What are you doing to pursue it?


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